Fledgling Businesses

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Fledgling Businesses

We work with professionals who have left employment to set up a business, who are worried about what financial records they need to keep, and terrified because they hear that most businesses fail within the first 3 years. We help them get control of their financial records and create a system that is designed for their business to succeed and is profitable, so they can relax and enjoy growing their business.

If you are a sole trader or in the first few years of being a limited company, you may be still trying to manage your bookkeeping manually, or by using spreadsheets to record bills and payments, and producing invoices on “word”.

There is a better way, which will free up your time to get on with the core business, while allowing you to get in control of your accounts.

In fact by using online software, you can harness the power of integrated cloud systems that will help you create a seemless, paperless system – snapping receipts on your phone for example, before you have a chance of losing them.

Professional looking invoices and statements can be created in seconds, and customers can pay by card or direct debit to reduce cash flow issues. You will be aware of which customer invoices have been paid, and which customers are overdue, before you undertake any further work for them.

Perhaps you have heard of “Making Tax Digital”? The government will be requiring all companies to move over to online accounting systems, under the implementation of “Making Tax Digital”, and although the introduction dates have been delayed, it is something that all businesses should be ready for in advance of the deadlines.

Orchard Accounting Solutions can get you set up properly on QuickBooks, tailoring the system to reflect your business, and provide training geared at your level of expertise, enabling you to become a confident user, who understands how your business is performing, and use the information to make sound business decisions.



Orchard Accounting Solutions help you:-

  • Get set up on QuickBooks correctly to accurately reflect your business
  • Train you on how to use QuickBooks on a day to day basis.
  • Create invoices that match your brand
  • Control your cashflow, so you can see who owes you money and outstanding supplier bills.
  • Create custom reports, such as costs per job, or area of the business.
  • Enable you to be self-sufficient, with the knowledge the Orchard Accounting team are there to help you if you get stuck.
  • Double check the accuracy on your books, enabling your accountant to view the information they need to submit your tax returns etc. and be in a better position to advise you on tax saving measures you could adopt.


QuickBooks has a number of pre-built reports, and the Orchard Accounting team can help set up custom reports to ensure you have the information available to make the right decisions for your business.

Here are a few of the reports available.

  • Profit & Loss – showing your sales, costs and overheads
  • Balance Sheet- showing your bank balance, who owes you money, and who you owe money to
  • Aged Debt – which customers invoices are unpaid, showing whether they are overdue
  • Job costing –  the revenue and costs for each job, showing the contribution that job makes to the overall profit of your business
  • Profit and Loss per income stream- breaking down sales into different categories (eg, products/services)
  • CIS  (Constuction Industry Scheme) – automatic deductions & reports for reclaiming
  • VAT – recording and reporting figures for making VAT  Returns easier to produce



You can download the App for your mobile or tablet, or access QuickBooks Online through your browser on your laptop or desktop.

QuickBooks Online provides you the flexibility to access your finances on the move.

Provided you have an internet connection anywhere in the world, you can check see if a customer has paid, or create and send an estimate or invoice.


How to get Started

To get started, give the Orchard Accounting Team a call. They will run through the options available, and the best option for your business.

Call: 01628 675620

Email: enquiries@orchardaccounting.co.uk