Create a refund in QuickBooks

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How do you create a refund in QuickBooks?

We often get asked how to account for a refund on QuickBooks, so here is a handy guide to making sure your QuickBooks accounts accurately reflects the information.

  • Refund a customer for your goods and services

Watch the video below to find out how  you can enter a refund on your QuickBooks account or contact us to find out more.

  • Refund from a supplier – several steps involved:
    • you’ll need to create a credit note from the supplier using account details as on the original bill ( eg telephone costs)
    • Then record the money received as a deposit into the relevant bank account,  from the supplier using the account ‘Creditors’  or “Accounts Payable”  ( whichever is used on your file) to record the receipt.
    • Then go to ‘pay bills’ and click on the relevant supplier, and the credit note and refund will be matched up.