Tailored Accounts software training services

If you need to set-up a new accounts package, or have been using QuickBooks for some time, Orchard can help you. We specialise in providing accounting software training and support for complete beginners, through to dab hands who just need some help with learning the shortcuts and tricks towards getting the best out of the system.

For a new installation, time is spent understanding the client’s business operation, data flows, and information needs. The package is then set up specifically to suit these customer’s requirements, with ‘on-the job’ training provided. Generally this is done on a one-to one basis, but training for small groups can also be provided. As a follow-on to the training process, free telephone support is provided, to ensure clients remain confident in what they are doing. A monthly or quarterly review is also usually included, to identify and correct any further issues that may have arisen in the meantime. Our aim is to provide the best quality training so that our customers quickly become confident, stand alone users.

For experienced users, Orchard can also help with training on advanced features of QuickBooks. This includes help in managing upgrades of clients’ files from one version of QuickBooks to another.
Here are some case studies showing the ways in which we have helped real clients with their QuickBooks training needs.

Case 1 – New system set-up for franchise retail outlet


A retail franchise required a new bookkeeping system to be set up quickly, and their staff trained. Although the proprietor was free to choose his own accounting solution, and had already installed QuickBooks, the franchisor had particular business reporting requirements that they expected their franchisees to comply with.


Orchard visited the client’s premises to understand their operational needs in detail, and how their business functioned. We optimised the client’s file on QuickBooks, to include the ability to monitor the profitability of individual lines within the total product and service offering. In addition, a separate feature within QuickBooks (Financial Statement Design Manager) was customised in order to provide the client’s franchisor with the specialist reports in the precise format that they required. Both the proprietor and his bookkeeper were then trained on the specific features of the QuickBooks package which they needed in order to run their business. Orchard continues to provide follow up and review services to the client at regular intervals.

Case 2 – Service outlet with incorrectly set-up file  


A busy service centre had been using QuickBooks for many years, but the working file been incorrectly set-up, with many transactions being allocated to the wrong type of account. This required the client’s accountant to annually carry out considerable correction work to create a viable set of year end accounts for annual filing and corporation tax purposes. This led to a very high spend for the client with their accountant, who did not provide the necessary training and consultancy to correct the underlying issues.


Orchard carried out a free of charge review of the client’s operations and needs. We were quickly able to identify what needed to be rectified, and we recommended starting the new financial year by copying closing balances at year end over to a new working file, followed by several training sessions for the users.

The client is now a confident and expert user of QuickBooks, and has been able to change their accountant to one who can take end of year information from QuickBooks with minimal alteration. The client has thus been able to save themselves £000s on their annual accountancy fees.


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