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QuickBooks Desktop

Do any of these problems resonate with your business?

  • Items accounted and not cleared
  • Journals are not understood or used correctly
  • Stock control and re-ordering is sporadic and inefficient
  • Forecasting for assemblies

QuickBooks desktop is ideal if you are using cost accounting. It is much easier to manage detailed products from customer sales orders, generating supplier purchase orders, receiving goods-in,  assembly through to invoicing and delivery to the customer.

Desktop is suitable for PC or servers and can have multiple users. To get the best from it, has to be set up properly and regularly tuned to maximise the benefits. It also needs to have monthly back ups to protect the company from data corruption/loss.

If you are following a cost accounting method, then QuickBooks Desktop can manage variable prices for example, raw materials plus more fixed costs such as rent or labour. The management reports are easy to understand and custom reports can be created to match your business.

Orchard Accounting Solutions set up QuickBooks Desktop, train your staff and help identify areas for improvement and efficiencies.

QuickBooks Desktop

Ideal for businesses using the cost accounting method

Suitable for PCs or Servers

5 user licence

More information

If you have already been using QuickBooks or are looking into a better way to manage your business, here are 4 reasons to move to QuickBooks Desktop Pro / Premier Plus.

  1. Peace of mind with QuickBooks experts
  2. Automatic backups of your data
  3. Ability to recover and restore data
  4. Yearly product upgrades

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