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At Orchard Accounting Solutions, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive bookkeeping services for startups, and established small businesses, whether these are sole traders, partnerships or limited companies. We provide a dedicated and efficient service, reducing duplication of bookkeeping tasks, speeding up data input, and focusing on the information needs of the business owner.

So there’s no need to get bogged down with bookkeeping...
Move to Orchard … and enjoy the fruits of your labour!

We are happy for you to outsource as many, or as few, tasks to us as you wish to make your life easier. 

Customers  - including producing invoices, statements and credit control

Suppliers  - including bills and payment schedules

Payroll  - all aspects including yearend online filing

Personal Expenses & mileage claims

Bank  Reconciliation

VAT returns

Management reports  - we can quickly produce detailed reports that help you understand the state of your business

Finalising accounts – ready to pass to your accountant, reducing their time and cost.

Depending on the nature of your business we can also deal with Stock Control, Estimates/Quotes, Order acknowledgements and Purchase Orders.

You can either completely outsource the bookkeeping function to us, or alternatively just let us help you with monthly tasks such as payroll, bank reconciliation and monthly reports, or the quarterly VAT returns.


No two businesses and bookkeeping requirements are the same. Here are a few of the ways in which we have helped specific clients to take control of their books.

Case 1 -


A manufacturing company needed a bookkeeper to handle all of their accounts functions during their first year of operation. They registered for VAT towards the end of the year in order to be able to reclaim the tax paid on their start-up costs and expenses, including capital investment in precision tooling. The deadline for preparing their first VAT return was fast approaching, so Orchard were contacted in order to quickly set up a system and prepare an accurate VAT return.


Orchard worked with the client to successfully set up a tailored accounts system using QuickBooks. Working to a tight timescale, we quickly brought a year’s worth of records up to date, working directly with the client’s supplier base to retrieve missing or incomplete VAT receipts where required. Sales and expenses were also entered, and custom invoice templates were set up with the client’s logo and details for forward use. The client was thus able to make a reclaim of £8,500 worth of tax. Following this project, the client decided to continue using Orchard as their bookkeeper.

Case 2 –


The owner of a UK Ltd training company is permanently resident in mainland Europe, but operates globally. The client required regular bookkeeping and management report services, but on a remote basis.


The client’s bank statements, and copies of invoice, expense and employee documentation are sent to us by email. Orchard then provides a full bookkeeping service, including payroll. Records are updated as required, and the client is provided with detailed management reports on the state of his business.


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