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With over 14 years experience in the use of QuickBooks both as users and service providers, Katherine & David have had to deal with many types of system requirement and special projects. Here are a couple of ways that Orchard have recently helped clients sort out some unusual challenges.

Case 1 – Simplification of extensive year end stock take 


A catering equipment supplier carried around 6,000 stock items, stored in numbered ‘bins’  in its warehouse. At each yearend, a stocktake is carried out, and any adjustments in individual stock levels (due to breakages for example) need to be recorded on the accounts to ensure that individual levels of each stock item and the total stock value is accurately reflected in the accounts at yearend.


Using the client’s QuickBooks database, Orchard set up a custom field on stock items to record bin number location, and produces a custom stocktake spreadsheet that lists stock in Bin number order. The client is then able to enter the new quantity information directly into the spreadsheet in the ideal order during the counting process.

Upon completion, the new stock quantity information is imported as a batch job directly into QuickBooks.This delivers significant benefits, in that data does not have to be re-entered manually into QuickBooks, saving considerable time and eliminating the risk of mistakes.

Case 2 – Use of QuickBooks customer list for direct marketing purposes


A client wanted to mail shot their existing customers when an particular annual service was due.   Experience doing this manually had proved very successful in achieving high levels of repeat business – after all if their customers had received good service previously, all they needed was a reminder that it was time to make another appointment, especially as a small discount was offered if they quoted the letter. Once letters were sent off, the phone calls came flooding in. The problem was that this process of checking which customers were coming up to their anniversary date was a slow process.


Orchard were able to set additional custom fields for recording when particular services were due, along with other information that could be used to personalise letters. As new invoices were created, the custom fields were filled in, and in spare moments other customer’s records could be checked on QuickBooks, and the relevant data filled in these custom fields.

Custom reports selecting customers whose anniversary dates fell within the following month were created, and used within a mail merge program to send out personalised letters, emails or texts, depending on the customer’s preference (which was stored in another custom field).  The regular direct mailings are speeded up considerably by this process, and continue to generate a high level of repeat business for the customer.  


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